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Ride Behinds Video Page

New Video released!
Episode 25!

Here you will find the videos of Southern California twisties.
Roads that most will never in their life get to experience first hand. I decided to share the wealth and film them. Each week we travel Hammer's route. 15 sections of challenging twisties that wind in and through the northeastern San Diego lower elevation mountain ranges. The trip averages 150 miles for the summer route and 260 for the winter route.

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Latest Ride Behind Video


This video was filmed back in July, little did I know then but 8 days after it's filming my Son was born and is the reason for it's long overdue release.

Rt 112 is a nice long sweeper filled road where you can really let it hang out, and boy did we.
It started as just another day, 2 hour ride out to meet the guys, unload the bike get some breakfast and plan the route. The pace started out normal and controlled.. the first couple roads felt like a sunday ride, then the pace picked up.. then it really picked up and all bets were off. The leader took off and next thing you know we're in the triple digits. The lead pack up and left the rest and away we went. It went on like this until lunch time when we decided it would be best to cash in our chips and head home.

McFadden and Whitehead - "Can't stop us now"


Episode 24
Cherohala Skyway
"Deals Gap Video Series"
Duration: 19:24 Size: 180 megs
Release Date: May 5, 2007

This is by far the most epic road I have ever been on!
The Cherohala Skyway is composed of 36 miles of fast sweepers with a bunch of tight corners mixed in keep you on your toes. The Skyway connects Robbinsville, North Carolina with Tellico Plains, Tennessee. Winding up and over 5,400 foot mountains for 15 miles in North Carolina and descending another 21 miles into the deeply forested backcountry of Tennessee. The road crosses through the Cherokee and Nantahala National Forests thus the name "Chero...hala"

Leading the train is Kane with me being 6th in line. At one point they started to take off and I tried as hard as I could to keep them in sight. When the road got tight I just couldn't keep the same corner speeds and would fall back again only to catch up on a straight or long sweeper. Tossing around the 500lb tiller made short work of my already tired muscles from 2 days of solid riding. It takes just about all I have to keep up with the group for most of the video and shortly after the video ends, I go in way to hot for a right hander and almost come face to face with a guardrail as I drift wide over the yellow line. I can admit when I'm in over my head and from that point on i just rode my own ride till I caught up with the group later on.

Suicide Sports Club - "The last Ghost in town"
Max Graham vs. YES- "Owner of a Lonely Heart - Club mix"


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Episode 23
Banner Grade
"Sunrise in the Valley"
Duration: 6:08 Size: 54 megs
Release Date: May 5, 2007

All good things must come to an end. After 5 years of filming, it's sad to say that this was my last ride in San Diego.

A week before I was due to fly out east I got up at 5am to make my final rounds of the roads I had become to love so much. I was hoping to have someone ride with my but it's hard to get someone up that early so just like my first time on SD roads, I ride solo. Little did I know but thanks to the rising sun in front of me, 3/4 of the video I shot that morning is useless from sun washout. It wasn't all a wash though, I was able to use the descent down Banner Grade. The sun was just coming over the ridge and made for some beautiful scenery.

Junkie XL - "I've got a Xerox to copy"



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Episode 22
Palomar "Tight Side"
"Running on Empty"
Duration: 7:12 Size: 58 megs
Release Date: May 12, 2006

We re-visit the tight side for some fast paced downhill action with MotorFinger in the lens and Wanderer on point.
The video starts 20 minutes ago when Wanderer atop his gas hog TL informs us he needs some gas.. We decide to take some more runs while he fills up down the road, little did we know Wanderer would make a U-turn and follow us up.. with a solid gas light.

Fast forward 15 minutes, we're heading home and it's the best run of the day and what does Wanderer do..
runs out of gas mid turn at the lower turn out.. DOH!

Martinez - "Twilight"
Get it on iTunes!

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Palomar Tight Side is "that" road.. the best 7 miles of twisties that SoCal has to offer.
If tight and technical is what you want, this is the road to ride.

Shot a week after Episode 20 because I forgot to turn the camera on for the last run down the hill. well we just had to go back and get that great run up or down the hill. turns out the hill was full of cars that day and NOT ONCE did we get a perfect run thanks to the cages but we did manage to get some decent runs in, one being this video which you'll find out wasn't even all that perfect.. for us maybe but not the guy who decided it would be better to kiss the asphalt..

Enjoy the Show!!

Motley Crue - Kickstart my Heart

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Episode 20
Palomar "Fast Side" Re-Visited
Flying with Angels
Duration: 11:58 Size: 75 megs
Release Date: July 23, 2005

Palomar Fast side... This road needs no introduction. Do you remember Episode 10 In remembrance of my most popular video,
I decided to honor it with Episode 20 and continue the saga to break the 10 minute mark. After riding this road for three years now, it still amazes me how well it's designed and how fun it is to ride. Wanderer takes the lead and concretes his position as my favorite person to ride with. We have similar styles and i know what he's going to do going in and out of a corner. Paly is a blast to ride, even more so when you can ride wheel to wheel with a good friend for that up close in your face footage.

Following a short intro song, the music is all motor from both bikes as we go for a walk.

Episode 20 Trailer
Palomar "Fast Side"
Flying with Angels
Duration: 3:15 Size: 21 megs
Release Date: July 23, 2005

3 minute soundtrack version of the 12 minute full ride.

Ceasars Palace - Jerk It Out

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Episode 19
"The Lost Episode"
Duration : ? Size: ?
Widescreen Version
Release Date: N/A

Episode 19 is not available for public release due to my feelings on wearing full gear.
I shall not and will not broadcast videos with riders who aren't wearing their gear.
My videos are very influential for some people and I want them to always see those who are doing what we do,
This video will be contained on a future DVD compilation only


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Episode 18 Standard version
Lyons Valley Road
A River Crosses Through
Duration: 7:58 Size :52 megs
Widescreen Version
Release Date: April 7, 2005


It sure feels good to be typing this. The last video was waaaaay back in January.
We had so much rain in the last 3 months I felt like I was living in Florida again.

Let's get to the video. This is the first time Lyons Valley makes it to video and what a treat it is!
The limited release High Def version is a whopping 95 megs! At 722 x 406 resolution and a bit rate of 4019kbps it's sure to be a hit!

Jesse James (sorry not the real Jesse, it's only a screen name on the SCS board) leads us along Lyons Valley Road on a beautiful sun filled saturday morning. Lyons Valley is a treasure tucked away in Rancho San Diego, super tight and twisty it first goes uphill immediately leading you into a right-left-right chicane-straight- hard left uphiller. This is ONLY the beginning. From here is goes round 15 mph decreasing rights, lefts,chicanes, uphill, downhill, over a long straightaway into some nice easy sweepers with 90 degree turns. Then comes the horseshoe turn.. a sharp downhill 15 mph switchback kneedragger turn with a right hand
kink at the bottom, round the turn and we find the river.. The rest you'll have to see for yourself.
This is one, if not the best vid to come out of my collection so far.

Did something a little different for the soundtrack, seeing as how the tone of the ride was
set to "The Pace" style of riding, we kept it at a nice even fun filled cruise, I used a song from a band we all know and love, well should anyway as they were the kings of Rock in the 70's... Ladies and Gents, I bring you...
Led Zeppelin
"When the Levee Breaks"


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Episode 17
Montezuma Pass
2nd Place monty
Duration: 9:07 Size: 66 megs
Widescreen Version
Release Date: January 2, 2005

Hot Diggity!

That pretty much sums up 17.. Shot on Montezuma in the warn sunshine po-po Free afternoon of mid December in San Diego.
No Music No Flare No Bullshit


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Episode 16
Hwy 243
Pines to Palms ride
Duration: 6:25 Size: 45.2 megs
Special Widescreen Version
Release Date: October 5, 2004

Shot in Idyllwild on the Pines to Palms Hwy 243.
I went to Idyllwild to help a friend work on his cabin last weekend. Got the directions and off we went. Gassed up in Temecula and headed up the 79 to make the left on the 381. Few miles down the road I made a wrong turn onto Sage rd. Well what an awesome wrong it turned out to be, turns out the 79 - 371 - 74 - 243 route is all straight with 5 miles of twisties.. Ewww!! Sage rd is ALL twisties from the 79 to Hemet. Had to stop and ask directions to get back to the 74 to head to Idyllwild. Got on the 74 and made my way up the hill. Turned on the camera and didn't shut it off until 43 minutes and 70+ miles later when I was in Banning.... holy shit! That ride was a little slice of heaven. The 74 was a little crowded but fun as heck when it got tight. Nice open sweepers with just the right mix of fun stuff. When I got to mtn center, I made the left onto The 243, now that's an awesome stretch of pavement.. it's like the fast side on steroids. it seemed to go on and on and on..
This road goes from the heart of Idyllwild deep in the forest up to 9000 ft and back down to the dry and barren town of Banning. With 40+ minutes of footage and needing to make a web vide,o I choose the 243 for the new video. I'll head back up there pretty soon to shoot again for the full length DVD. I need to pick up the pace a little to make it really exciting. A guy from my board rides up there all the time so I'll have him lead me around for the true Ride Behind Video.

Chicane - Sunlight (original mix)

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Episode 15
Palomar Fast Side
Simple Life
Duration: 6:33 Size: 47 megs
Release Date: June 7,2004

This vid was shot during a turtle pace ride.
It was one of those days were we rode a very moderate pace and just had fun.
Got to the Fast Side where Shamus waved Wanderer by and off we went.
We carried a nice smooth pace to the top. Since I know Wanderers riding style, I was able to stay real close and get some great shots. Found a great song to fit the mood of the ride as it was just another simple day in the tiwsties.

Lynyrd Skynyrd - Simple Man Live


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Episode 14 is available in two versions.
The first has a rock soundtrack, the second has a techno track and is a little longer.

Episode 14 Version 1
Highland Valley Rd.
Spring Fling
Duration: 4:33 Size: 33 megs
Release Date: May 11, 2004

Episode 14 version 2
Highland Valley Rd.
Spring Fling
Duration: 5:53 Size: 42 megs
Release Date: May, 13 2004

Wow.. It's been awhile since the last videos release.. over a month, just haven't turned the camera on lately and after Mark's get off I just didn't feel like making a vid. Heard a song Monday and it gave me the itch. I've always been a fan of Primus, saw them live at Red Rocks in Colorado years ago, so when I heard Wynona's Big Brown Beaver I just had to put it to video. Ever seen the video? If you haven't seen it then try and find it, it's absolutely hilarious!1 It's got the band running around in these big foam cowboy outfits just being Primus.

So now that you know the song, the road is Highland Valley. Highland is the first road of the day and our warm up road. I was in the lead so it's a solo run w/about 20 riders behind me. Did some clip cutting of straights and some easy corners to leave in the meat of the road. Nothing really special other than the itch to make a new vid and to put Primus to videos.

Enjoy the Show!!

Version 1 - Primus - Wynona's Big Brown Beaver
Version 2 - Interphace - Dr. Feelgood (clubmix)

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Montezuma Pass.. Last time this Road made it to video was December of 2002.

After weeks of rain on the weekends the sun came out for a few days.. One of those day was a Sunday!
We just had to ride! I made a post for a Sunday ride but all the anxious kiddies just had to ride on Saturday. Who shows on Sunday.. my brother and a guy named john. What a turn out.. hehe.
No biggie. So off we went to ride the Winter route. Turned the camera on at the Borrego gas stop and you get to see the hijacking they call gas prices round these parts lately. We head up to Montezuma and catch 2 guys ahead of us. One of them waves us past and Chris gets on the tail of the other. He leads the way and off we go. The lower section has some good tight stuff and some fresh pavement. Once you get past that, the middle section opens up a little and leads to tar snakes and patchy pavement. They're in the middle of re-paving the entire road so it's a little shot up here and there. The lead guy waves Chris by and we head to the top section. A rough patch seam makes for an exciting moment by sending me wide and almost over the edge. From here is where it really opens up with real fast sweepers and long straight sections. A few tight corners and we're at the top.

From here we head to Mesa Grande Rd. We run this backwards and find out why we haven't ridden it in months. The road is a friggen mess! Full of sand and silt from all the rains, tar snakes left and right and the best part is real bumpy patch work pavement. Hopefully it makes it on the re-paving list this spring. It's still a fun road and a great alternative to the long boring way back to Santa Ysabel.

We get back to Santa Y and part ways. Chris is beat so he heads home. I head over to Julian and down Hwy 79 to get some footy of a road I have never but on film yet. It's not a group friendly road as it's a major road from Julian back to the 8 freeway and is always packed with cages. It's 30 miles to the freeway so riding in group format is next to impossible as you have to pass cages left and right to even have fun on this road. If your not in front then you got a slow grueling ride ahead of you. Well I sure had some fun as I went solo..
This part of the video is not for the timid nor the casual cruiser. It's loaded with crazy passing and high speeds.

Quiet Riot - Cum on Feel the Noize



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Episode 12
Banner Grade
Duration: 6:40 Size: 28.6 megs
Release Date: January 20, 2004

After much work with some new programs and 2 weeks of editing Ride Behind is proud to
bring you the first video of 2004!

It's been a year since I've gotten some footage of Banner. It's part of the winter route and due to some inclement weather, road construction and the Fire Storm we've not been able to get to it in the past couple months. Well we finally made it! January 4th was the first ride of the year and what a day it was. Sunny with blue skies and temps in the 50's when we met up at Starbucks. Only 3 riders showed up, Tom, Harris and myself. We decided to head out to Borrego and get some lunch. Tom took the lead down Banner and off we went. I left the camera running all the way out to Borrego in a single shot. We sure had some fun at an accelerated pace once we hit the straight at the bottom of Banner.

The Episode 12 web video is only of Banner so you'll have to get the DVD to see the entire ride.

Enjoy the show!!

Crystal Method - Vapor Trail

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Series 2 videos from 2003

All series 1 & 2 videos are now available on CD. Please see the DVD page for info.

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Episode 11
P-Mommas Tight side Ride
8:02 minutes 22 megs
Release date: 11-23-2003

Hey there!
We had quite a large group ride out from Starbucks Sunday morn, 49 to be exact. A bunch of the northern SCS'ers came down for the fun to join the SD crew for our Sunday run. Thanks to everyone that made it a great ride. The weather was a little on the cold side with some high winds in Ramona that stopped us from going out to the dessert .

Episode 11 was shot on the tight side of Palomar Mtn using my new rear facing camera mount with PG_Rider and Hunter as the test subjects. It has been well over 6 months since Hunter has ridden so he's a little off on some of his lines. Don't worry though as he's been riding Palomar longer than I have and will find his groove again pretty quick.

We rode from the bottom all the way to the top. I had to edit out a few spots of the vid that were all fuzzy from the vibration in the camera or vehicles that got in our way. The pace is a little slower than I usually ride as this was a test and I wanted to keep the guys close behind me. All in all the vid came out better than I had hoped

Story of the Year - Until the Day I die
Nickleback - This is how you remind me

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Episode 10
Chargen up the Fast side!
8:02 minutes 21 megs
Release date: 9-11-2003

Episode 10 is available on a 28 minute DVD from the beginning of the Fast side till the end in two versions!
Bonus footage of the tight side included!
Order yours today on the DVD page!

This video has become the Flagship video for Ride Behind. It has stirred more controversy than any other of my videos on forums around the world, everything from admiration for the level of riding it displays to the sheer danger it presents. It has stirred more flame wars than I care to comment about. I must have done something right as it's been viewed over 850,000 times all over the world. Ep 10 even got me onto Pashnit.com which is quite a feat. It got into your home and work place, it's awed your friends, coworkers and made mothers cry. It's made ppl go out and buy a bike just so they could experience the thrill of riding. It's caused local Palomar residents to fire off threatning emails about placing hazards in the road to cause bikes to wreck. You've sent email links and told ppl "you've got to see this!" Best of all, it let viewers around the world live the experience of going up a twisty mountain road at well over 80 mph and put Palomar Mtn on the map of places to ride.

Finally got a new video released!
It's been well over a month since Episode 9. Last weekend we had a small group ride out from Starbucks, I led the pack, it feels so good to lead the pack around. Being out front is friggen awesome! Only downside is I can't film anybody in front of me. We come to the fast side and I asked Robert to lead the charge as I know this is going to be the best run up the hill to date, I was right... We ran that hill clean to the top in 10:10... the best time yet! Last year I was lucky to break 13 minutes, now I'm aiming for 9 minutes flat.. It's possible. I got passed on the straight after the meadows by SoCalSar on his Duc, he tries the rest of the way up to get past the smooth riding Robert which makes for some exciting riding in the final minutes of the video.

As for the video, if speed is your thing, you won't be disappointed! This is a hard and fast raw uncut run from the 2 minute mark at the first hard left hander to the fire station at the top. Not a single car on the whole ride. No transitions, just pure road set to a smooth song.

DJ Sammy - Boys of Summer (green court remix)

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Episode 9
Hammers Return
5:47 minutes 14 megs
Release date: 7-15-2003

Hammers back!!
The leader of the pack has finally come back to us. You may remember that many months ago Hammer announced to us that he was leaving to go live a dream in Colorado and make furniture. It was a good plan, go live his dream and get away from corporate life in the city. Well..... He never left! He came back into the fold last weekend on a brand new 03 Gix 1K to once again carry the torch, well try anyway.. He was a little rusty so he hung in the back to get his groove back before we let him lead. What better place to lead than on Old Julian. Get in front bro so I can get you on film. He's a little rusty but let me tell you, this man can ride when he gets his groove. It's a honor to ride with you again and I look forward to some great runs with you bro!

RunDmc and Aerosmith duo "Walk This Way"

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Episode 8
Let's take a Ride!
12:26 minutes 33 megs
Release date: 6-15-2003

No fancy words for this video. Just a few miles of some great roads. 3 to be exact, took a dance down highland in the lead. Bunch of traffic but not in the good spots thankfully. Got behind Pg-Rider for the Old Julian shoot and it went very well. Couple or choppers in the beginning helped set the tone of the ride. Then onto Lilac road, a section I have yet to post. It'll be the first time you get to see the final road of the day on the way home.

The soundtrack is very unique and not anything like what I've been using. Went for something totally different to set a tone. Added in a special song both by request and the want to use it. Never thought it would make it into a video as it's kind of slow in the beginning and needed a long build up. I just happened to have one...

C'mon Everybody - Eddie Cochran
The Twist - Chubbie Checker
Children - Robert Miles
It's About Time - Lillix

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Episode 7
Pesty rides the Tight side with Pulse
4:34 minutes 12 megs
Release date: 5-21-2003

During my vacation I took off to Palomar with some of the boyz. We rode up and down the tight side for about 4 hours. It was an easy day as no one else was on the mountain. I was able to really focus on my lines and not have to worry about 100 other bikes on the hill. This is a downhill run from the chicane to the bottom. During the way I come up on Pulse who found a camper in his way, we pull away and continue our dance down the hill.
The song matched the smooth pace of the ride and set the mood for the best road socal has to offer.

Enjoy the Show!

Stroke 9 - California

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Episode 6
Bungy Boy rides the Fast side
3:45 minutes 9 megs
Release date: 5-15-2003

This is a ride behind of my Brother. He bugged me for weeks to get him on film. He caught me before the fast side and asked again, awwwwhhhh right I said.. I told him to not be slow or get in my way. I knew it would push him and I got really close to get that tight shot. He pulls away on the straights, then I real him in again with each transition.
Shot from the bottom to the straights out of the trees. with multiple transitions.

Enjoy the show!

Collective Soul - Simple

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Episode 5
Pesty Solo Soldiers the Training Grounds.
4:10 minutes 10 megs
Release date: 4-20-2003

Yep,, it's new video time again. Been working on a vid with my brother in it but have yet to find the song that fits it right. So after a few days of numerous edits frustration fell upon me and I trashed it all and went back to a road I ran a few weeks ago. It's a special road and a special place. Been a long time since I been down it last so just had to make the turns down it. It's a great shot. I was riding solo and got into one of those grooves you find when you ride alone.

Smile Empty Soul - Bottom of a Bottle

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Episode 4
Pesty and Tom on the Fast side.
Dual Camera footage shot by Shaggy and Pesty.
4:06 minutes 10 megs
Released 4-1-2003

Here we go...

It's been a tough month with all the footage I've had to go through. Then the other week Shaggy brings his camera along for the ride to which we look at each other and know right away were getting me on tape on the fast side. Dual shoot, me in front and Shaggy behind me. The man himself, Pesty is finally caught on tape! It's a good one to. We'll get some more of me soon enough. We shoot Palomar fast side together, then he gets me the tape to which I drop it all into Premiere and start editing. 11 minutes on two tapes to splice together and then find a song.

Drop the song in and then start the edit. Cutting this and cars here and there out, and nothing looked good. Drop all the footy from the trees and below and go for the upper section which is by far the best section the road has to offer. Decided on a fade in and out from each rider on the same section to match a beat change in the song. How did it come out, well grab the vid and see for yourself.

Three Doors Down - This Road I'm On

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Episode 3
UpOnOne on the run.
3:06 minutes 8 megs
Released 3-15-2003

Again it's been over a month for an update. No riding lately due to inclement weather.
So about the video, this was an editing test and I was altering the motion speed to more fit the song and time I wanted it to be. Sped up the ride to 3 minutes. It's kinda neat.

Hoobastank - Running Away

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Episode 2
Lone Wolf on Mesa Grande
11:06 minutes 30 megs
Released 2-11-03

Ride Behind Videos is proud to bring you another installment of Life in the Twisties..
This wheel turns up, over and down Mesa Grande.
Our Featured Rider is Jeff. This video is a dedication to his continued passion to ride. This man has been in more wrecks and ridden more road and track miles than all of us combined. He was a club racer at Road Atlanta tooling on his Interceptor when most of us were still on Bicycles. He's fast, determined, smooth and above all still able to ride, 2 years ago he was in a bad wreck on the big track at Willow Springs in which he lowsided his 00' Red Busa in triple digits.. not so bad, except the guy behind him target fixated and used his back as a launch ramp. Half a dozen broken vertebrae in his lower back and neck, and a punctured lung... He was told he'll be lucky to not walk with a cane let alone ride a motorcycle again. Well his strong will mixed with a little insanity saw him back walking in a few weeks, and then a few months later I gave him a ride to GP cycles one day to pick up his Guzzi.. Rode it away with back brace on and all... What a mad man!

Most of us here ride cause we want to.. He rides because he can.. That is why this is your video Bro.. It was a pleasure to finally get to really ride with you. Been waiting for this for awhile and I was not disappointed, I had to push it to even keep you in sight most of the ride. Enjoy!

Incubus, Three Doors Down, and P.O.D.

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Episode 1
Moviestar on Third Street
6:48 minutes 18 megs
Released 1-15-2003

Ride Behind Videos brings you the first video of the new year. Welcome to 2003!
With the new year comes a new clear windscreen. No more amber glow! Wohoo!!

Our featured rider is Moviestar. This was early in her short but lively sportbike riding. She got her WSMC race license and placed 22nd in her first race. She quit riding this year after someone close to her highsided.

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Series 1 videos
These are from my first season of riding with an amber windscreen. It gives all the videos a yellow haze.

Series 1 videos are only available on the Ride CD. See the DVD page for details.

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The following video is my first full length video edited in Premiere.

Ride Behind Videos brings you the first full feature video I ever made.

Palomar Tight side

Featured rider is Inferno.
This was back when the tar snakes had not yet made their way down past mile 2.

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